Najmus Ibrahim

Space. Robotics. Exploration.


Exploration started out for me purely as an adventure when I was 22 and found myself lost and boatwrecked in the Amazon jungle. From that point it immediately became a means to push my physical limits while discovering and understanding more about the planet we call home. Thriving in physically demanding expeditions in isolated locations is something space agencies look for in their Astronaut Corps. It is one of the primary reasons I was selected as one of the top 72 finalists in Canada’s Call for Astronauts in 2017.

Since the Amazon, I’ve journeyed to some of the most remote places on Earth. These have varied from summitting volcanoes in the Canaries and scuba diving shipwrecks in the Atlantic, to getting lost (again) in the Sahara and trekking hundreds of kilometers in the steppes of Patagonia. With only the help of local guides and maps, each of these journeys were painstakingly organized. These experiences provided insight into different customs, languages and perspectives and directly affected my career in Space and Robotics, which have overwhelmingly been international collaborations.

Below is a summary of some of the most influential journeys I have taken, as seen through my lens. Once a long-time Canon owner, I currently shoot exclusively with Sony GMs. I am a strong supporter of the National Geographic Foundation and its commitment to exploring and protecting our planet, and, have contributed in various capacities to their cause since 2009.




North America


South America