Najmus Ibrahim

Space. Robotics. Exploration.


Making AV Technology A Reality

Autonomous Vehicles

Upon running the spacecraft engineering gamut, I joined Oxa Ltd in 2020 to leverage my experience and develop autonomous vehicle (AV) technology in Toronto, Canada. My decision was based largely in part on their world-renowned mobile robotics team and their vision for Universal Autonomy. Oxbotica combines classical robotics, modern machine learning and principled engineering to bring autonomy to vehicles in all domains: cities, roads, airports, mines and refineries.

As part of the Prediction team my role is to estimate where objects in the environment will travel and what the likelihood of that motion is after being tracked. This is just one part of many in the pursuit of Universal Autonomy.

Robotics, particularly mobile robotics, is heavily influenced by machine learning and modern estimation techniques. The following texts have been indispensable in my Robotics work and are referenced regularly from my technical bookshelf.